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How The Service Works

How The Service Works

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No Obligation 7 Day Letter Before Action

The "Letter Before Action" is the first stage of formal legal proceedings to help you recover the money you are owed. Free Debt Recovery UK  will provide to you for free and as many times as you wish a no obligation letter before action. Sent on our ComPay UK letter head it will in most cases be sufficient in persuading the debtor to pay. Just register for free Here or sign in and complete the debt letter information form.

You can view a sample of the B2B letter Here  You can view a sample of the B2C Letter Here

  When you have completed the form your request will be reviewed by one of our staff. You may be requested to provide supporting evidence of the debt. Providing there are no conflicts we will prepare your letter and send by your preffered method. You have three options to choose from.

1. Free. Sent by email with the action letter attached. Copies are sent to both you and your debtor. Please note whilst email is free we cannot guarantee delivery due to email filters your debtor may have in place. Need to send a letter now? Click Here

2. First Class Post. For only £9.95 we will both email and send your letter by first class post. Need to send a letter now? Click Here

3. Registered Post. For only £14.95 we will email, send a copy by first class post and also send your letter by Signed for Registered Post. This is the recommended option to ensure the debtor receives your letter before action. When posted we will send you a copy of the Post Office confirmation of posting for your records. Need to send a letter now? Click Here

What Happens Next?      

Within your client area under the history tab you are able to view all the "Action Letters" you have sent. Your have the option for any of the "Action Letters" you have sent to select the paid Yes or No button. If the debtor has not paid and we do not here from you or your debtor after 7-10 working days a member of staff will review your history file. If the debt hasn’t been paid we will speak to you without any obligation about the "First Action" and Legal Debt Recovery options.

First Action

If your debtor has ignored or not responded to the 7 Day Letter Before Action sent by us or any letter you may have previously sent. You now have the option to escalate to the next stage of Formal Legal Proceedings by issuing the “Action Letter.” This allows us to now apply the Late Payment charges and costs to the debt which the debtor had been previously warned about. Whilst we would always advise issuing the “Action Letter” prior to any legal proceedings If however you considered your debtor is unlikely to respond to the “Action Letter” you can if you want proceed to the legal debt recovery process.

 Learn more about the First Action Here

 The legal Recovery Process.

If your debtor(s) have still not paid after your "Action Letters" or if you wish to start legal action immediately you can do so by requesting for free and without any obligation a review of your case by completing the Statutory Demand for Payment request form which is to be found within your client area Here.  Not registered? you can register for free Here

Wish to learn more about the legal process Click Here 

Debt Letter Templates

When you have completed registration your have free access to our full range of business to business and business to consumer template debt recovery letters, simply download and use. You can learn more about the templates Here