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Legal Debt Recovery

Formal Legal Proceedings

 If your debtor has ignored or not responded to the 7 Day Letter Before Action you can now escalate to the next stage of Formal Legal Proceedings by issuing the “Action Letter” which now allows us to apply the Late Payment charges and costs to the debt. Whilst we would always advise issuing the “Action Letter” first if however you considered your debtor is unlikely to respond to the “Action Letter” you can if you wish proceed to the legal debt recovery process.

You Can Learn More About The "Action Letter" Here

Legal Debt Recovery Services

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At Free Debt Recovery UK a service provided by ComPay UK we can start your legal debt recovery process within just a few minutes and have the Statutory Demand for Payment documents in the hands of your debtor or debtors within 24-48 hours.

By using late payment legislation and the Statutory Demand process we have achieved over a 95% success rate for undisputed debts. With fixed fees for as little as £95 (see below) and no commissions or expensive solictors bills to pay means we provide the most cost effective legal debt recovery process in the UK.

The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act's

By using the current "Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998" and "The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act-2013" it now allows creditors to claim the cost of legal debt recovery services, compensation and interest from your debtors.

With Free Debt Recovery UK no longer do you need to use expensive solicitors, pay high administration charges or commissions to debt recovery companies. No need either to start county court proceedings, for which it may take months to get a court date which may then be too late to collect your debt. 
Even if you win a court judgement, in most cases you will still need to enforce the judgement adding yet more costs and time. Using this new legislation and our Statutory Demand process you can now recover your debts and costs in just a few days.

What is A Statutory Demand?

A Statutory Demand will give individuals, limited companies, LLPs, sole traders or partnerships up to 18 days only to pay their debt(s). After which the Statutory Demand has runs its course and you can follow it with a bankruptcy or winding up petition.

In fact, Statutory Demands are so successful that in 99% of cases following the issue of a Statutory Demand a bankruptcy or winding up petition is never issued. Statutory Demands can also be used if you already have a court order (CCJ) and wish to enforce the judgement.

If you have any questions you can visit the FAQ section Here or if you would like to speak with an adviser and discuss your case for free and without any commitment call 01249 476244 and request a call back. If you do not yet wish to start the legal process you may want to consider the "First Action Letter" details Here

If you have already registered with us you can login complete the Statutory Demand Request form. When completed and submitted we will then come back to you. If you have not yet registered with us it’s very easy to do and only takes a few minutes. And Its Free.

Our Case Fees 

Debt                       Price (per demand)

Under- £2999.00           £95.00

£3,000 - £4,999             £125.00

£5,000 - £9,999             £175.00

£10,000+                       £195.00

The charges include the preparation and issuing of the Statutory Demands for Payment documents. Two are sent to the debtor, one by normal post the other by recorded delivery. For multiple preparation charges please contact us.

The above fees are 50% of our costs, the remaining 50% is added to the Statutory Demand as debt recovery charges (100%). As the creditor you will only ever pay 50% of the case fee charge which is added to the debt for collection. If we are successful in collecting your debt including the debt recovery charges (or if you come to an agreement with your debtor) you will then be invoiced for the remaining 50% as a successful collection charge.    

There are no commissions to pay. The debtor pays you directly as we do not collect monies on behalf of clients. All your costs, compensations and interest are added to the Statutory Demand debt for collection. You can register for free Here