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Free Debt Recovery Services UK

No Commissions - No Up Front Fees - No Solicitors Bill - No Catch

At Free Debt Recovery UK a service provided by ComPay UK we are committed to working with you or your business in recovering those outstanding debts or debt. Your pay no commissions, no upfront fees or even have expensive solicitors bills. No matter how small or large your debt is or the size of your business or organisation. The Free Debt Recovery Service is open to all creditors to use, and as many times as you wish.

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7 Day Letters Before Action

Every business, creditor or debtor knows that when they receive a letter from a debt recovery company or solicitor it’s time to pay up. The problem for creditors is letters sent by them are just ignored and the cost of employing a debt recovery company, who in many cases will want to take an upfront fee, charge you high commission rates and solicitors well we all know how expensive they can be.  

The answer to those unwanted costs and effect debt recovery is to use our free, 7 day letter before action provided by ComPay UK which is effectively the first stage of formal legal Proceedings and will in most cases be sufficient in persuading your debtor(s) to pay any amounts outstanding without the need for you to pay those recovery commissions, high upfront fees or any expensive solicitors bill.           

The 7 day letter before action service is completely free to use and as many times as you like, which gives you the creditor the ability to chase debts effectively without incurring any costly charges. It easy to use and only takes a few minutes to set up.

You can view a sample of the B2B letter before action Here  You can view a sample of the B2C letter Here You can register for free Here.

Learn more about how the service works Here

Why Use Our 7 Day Letter Before Action?

Being ignored by debtors is a frustrating situation experienced by many creditors. Letters and emails are sent, phone calls made and promises by debtors are not met. Our letter before action is not just a letter you complete yourself and send. Each letter will be sent on ComPay UK letterhead and on your behalf, demonstrating to the debtor your seriousness about collecting the money you are owed. Its a no obligation debt recovery letter service which can save you or your business hundreds of pounds in costs.

Our service is open to all creditors it does not matter if your a business or an indivdual just register for free to our service and complete the debtor information form and within 24 hours the debtor will have received your letter before action.

Debt Letter Templates

As part of our free service your have access to a free range of debt recovery letter templates covering both business to business and business to consumer’s debt letters. Just register for free then download the letter or letters you need

What Is The Catch? There Is No Catch.

Free Debt Recovery UK and ComPay UK are committed to cost effective commercial debt recovery. We do not collect monies on behalf of clients debtors pay you directly thereby providing creditors extra protection and without the need to wait any longer for their money. Any interest or compensation you are due are added to the debt and are yours. We do offer legal debt recovery services and whilst we would like you to use our legal services if needed, there is no commitment on your part to do so, regardless of how much or how little you use the free debt recovery letter service or the ComPay UK letter before action.   

You can learn more about how the service works Here